Sunday, January 25, 2009

Some people are so talented!

My blogging sister is one, she just has this great way with words.
My daughter is another, she also has this ability to write and make you laugh at the same time and if it is possible, actually has better comedic timing than my bloggy sister.
My mom is an awesome painter.
My stepdaughter is a true artist, she draws comic-book style, creates characters and creatures as well as creating plays and stories.
Now, I've stumbled across another talent..his name is Rick Green and he is a doodle extraordinaire! Here is a sample of his work and I completely recommend checking out his site.

That is certainly what I'm going to be doing tonight..since I just got a call from work and my night nurse is sick so guess who gets to fill in? Yep...yours truly. Ya know, I love my job, but this is the part that makes me crazy. Thankfully, it doesn't happen terribly often when either someone isn't able to make it to work AND there isn't someone that is able to fill in for them also, but when it's me that has to work. out for some actual good posting coming up. The boys go in for their first appliance on Tuesday. Braces season is officially starting! Yikes...2 in braces at the same time. Perhaps I shouldn't be complaining about putting in work hours regardless of what time they are. ;)

1 comment:

Rick said...

Hello #1 - Thanks for checking out my blog and for becoming a follower. I am honored - but didn't your mother ever tell you not to follow strangers around?

Yes, I was born in Oklahoma and have lived there on three other occasions. So, I have red dirt flowing in my veins. Plus two of my daughters live there now. I live on the Oregon coast.

Your comments about my blog are very kind and your eye is very nice.

I'm glad you can use the doodle. When you do, be sure to drop me a note and I'll always come over and check things out.

I appreciate nurses - they have a tough job and do great work.

Stay tooned!!