Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Wow, what a day!

First off, to catch up from yesterday...I didn't end up weighing myself although I have been quite good with my diet. It just seemed so close from where I started that I figured I'd just wait until next Monday and hopefully have some results. Besides, it was sooo busy yesterday! I don't think I stopped moving until 9pm.

The pictures on TV are just incredible! This truly is a historic day. It is certainly the first inauguration of any president that I've taken the day off so that I can putter about the house while watching all of the day's events unfold. I wasn't very sure about this guy and he didn't have my vote ( I have to admit that I'm a republican ) but I'm very supportive of my president and have high hopes for what he can do. I am thrilled with the way our country and the world has responded to his election. We have had such a terrible political image around the globe for so long now that it is exciting to have the world on our side for a change.

I went to Australia just a month after 9/11 and even then was shown that America and Americans were not necessarily viewed in the rosiest of lights (of course I was assured that present company was excepted! hehe ). It was an eye-opener at the time and things have greatly spiraled downward since then. I mean that was a month after 9/11 for crying out loud! A time when everyone was very sympathetic to the tragedy that had taken place.

So let's all send up a prayer of support for our new president and I hope...I really hope, that perhaps this will be a time of change. Let's just pray as well that our terrorist enemies remain unable to follow-through with any more attacks within the boundaries of this wonderful country that we live in.