Thursday, January 29, 2009

Woohoo! Let's meet the fam!

A huge thank you to my dear hubby for getting the wireless up and going! This is so cool now that I can load up all my pictures and post away! So say Hello to Da Man!

Here is my oldest son..affectionately known as Magnet. It's a long story that I'll tell sometime!

This is the youngest son who has various names depending on the mood he's in for the day! He goes by Alien or Twerp or COTU (center of the universe). Can you tell what kind of stage he's going through just now?! I love him dearly but there are days I'm not sure he's going to make it until his next birthday! Just kidding...I think! ;o)

This is Little Boss with her daddy....she's totally a daddy's girl, or more truthfully, she's her daddy's boss! guys just THINK I'm kidding here don't ya? (wink)

And here is the newest member of the live-in family aka The Dude. He just turned 16! Sounds (and often acts) just like his dad! He moved in with us at the beginning of January and is going to school here now.

Okay, I'll get some more up later, I haven't posted any pics of Hippie Chick and Sketch, the two oldest girls that don't live with us.

Thanks for meeting my family!


Patsy Payne said...

You are greatly out numbered. You need a few more females in that house.

What ya doing for Super Bowl?

numberonesistah said...

Hey! I was gonna call you and see if ya'll wanted to come down for the game. I'm thinking of cooking up some of those recipes that Noble Pig has posted. They look scrumptious!

Staci said...

Love all the pictures! It's always fun to get that mental picture when you read a story - and this will sure help!