Thursday, February 12, 2009

Alien's Homemade Essay Assignment

My dear youngest son, Alien, has been going through a bit of a rough patch these past few weeks (could be months). Granted, he's 9 years old. He's in the 4th grade. He's a boy. He's also firmly feels that he is the Center Of The Universe and has absolutely no thought to anyone else at this time. No matter if someone is in the middle of a show or a game, when HE wants to watch or play something else. No matter if someone is sound asleep and HE needs to tell them that the dog just did something funny. No matter if...well, you get the picture.

I had finally had my limit the other day and so I told him what I was going to have him do. He had to write a page for me about what a family is, what being in a family means, how has he currently been acting and what was he going to do to be better.

This is what I got: (spelling and syntax is his)

First of all a family has to work together, and not fight and stuff. Help each other, try to be good freinds, be happy, have a happy life.

I have been acting horrible and not acting like a normal person.

I have been screaming, yelling, bosy, mean, not truthful.

I'm NOT going to be screaming, yelling, bosy, mean, I AM going to be truthful, nice, peaceful.

Have I mentioned that he has got a heart of gold and is always the one that notices any little change. I could have fixed my hair different, be wearing a new shirt, have earrings on that I haven't worn in a long while...and HE'S the one that notices. He's the one that runs up to give me a hug first and tell me how much he loves me. He's the one that feels just heart-broken if he thinks he has disappointed me or his dad or his grandparents. He's my wonderful little Alien.


brneyedgal967 said...

Yes, he does have a heart of gold. Either that or he's going to be a world class suck-up when he's an adult. I remember this conversation with him when he was around 6:

Alien: Aunt Tammy, you look SO beautiful today!

Me: Well thank you. (beaming)

Alien: Your hair is so pretty and your skin is SO smooth!

Me: Aww... thanks!

Alien: That's also a very nice shirt you're wearing.

Me: Yeah, thanks. That's enough, really.


numberonesistah said...

Yep..that's Alien! lol

ChiefChick said...

He sounds a little like my son. Around other people he is wonderful, complimentary, etc. I asked him once why he was SO wonderful to everyone else, but could be such a shit to Dane and I. His reply? "I save all my good for other people". That being said, Alien looks like a total sweetheart in the pic. And sounds like a GREAT kid. :)

Jason, as himself said...

What a good guy. He just needs to grow up a bit more, like all 4th graders.

Anonymous said...

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