Monday, February 16, 2009

What a day! Alien's birthday!

I can't believe my baby is 10 years old. That means I definitely can't blame my weight on him anymore. Drat and double drat.

This year he got to choose 2 friends to accompany him on an out-of-town fun trip. Since our town is only 600 people, if you want to do anything fun, it's pretty much out of town. He chose Steven and Katie. They had a blast!

We spent the majority of the afternoon at the skating rink where they skated their hearts out.

Of course, it took a few times around the rink before they got their 'skating legs'.

Before we hit the rink, we headed to Pizza Hut. Nothing beats pizza on your birthday except pizza on your birthday with your best friend!

Even better, pizza on your birthday with your best friend WHILE making faces at your mom! I told them their faces would freeze that way and they did! Didn't wear off until after the waitress walked away with a very odd expression on her own face. Must have been catching.

Friend presents came during skating.

And cotton candy. I'm a glutton for punishment when it comes to trapping myself all day with 3 ten year olds on a huge sugar rush.

After skating, we hit Granny's house for cupcakes and milk. Went to McDonalds and picnicked at the park where they were able to run off some of that sugar they had consumed. No pictures though, I left my spare batteries on the kitchen counter. Nicely charged up though. That's partial credit right?

Then back home again after a very loooonng hour long ride home. Alien was so jazzed up that his voice volume did not have a 'lower' to it at all. Louder and louder and louder. I dreamed of my wine all the way back.

Kids are dropped off and we are back home again. For the final round of the 'birthday show'.

The real cake. With TEN candles on it. Double digits dude! A whole decade! Wow..umm.. damn..why did I say that? I feel really old now.

Then our presents which the big prize of the evening was a tie between the new Nintendo DS 'briefcase' with lots of extra supplies in it or the remote control boat that his grandparents got him. He's looking forward to using that on our lake before long. Preferable when it is warm enough to get into the water to rescue the boat from wherever he strands it at!

Well, that was my day. How was yours?


Staci said...

He is just cuter than a bug. And 10 years old - you'll have to run the girls off pretty soon!

Snooty Primadona said...

Wow! A whole day long of all that. You must have needed that wine.

He's a cutie for sure and it is a big thing turning double digits.

Right now I'm trying to stay alive until I hit triple digits, lol. We'll see how it goes.

hermomsometimes said...

Thanks for stopping by with the Birthday Boy and his friends.

You know anytime you want to get rid of him I'll take him.