Saturday, February 21, 2009

Another quick Code Springer

Of course there was the time that Woman in Labor - Amy showed up with PoDunk boyfriend.

During the course of filling out the paperwork, (that darn paperwork), we discovered that PoDunk had the same information that Woman in Labor - Becky had given us earlier.

Anticipating that this could be a problem, me and the other labor nurse devised a system so that we would alternate times walking in the hall to avoid a potential Woman in Labor - Amy/Becky brawl.

We shouldn't have worried. PoDunk discovered Becky and was thrilled to run between ex-girlfriend Becky's room and current girl-friend Amy's room while they were both in labor with his children.

The girls were sweet. PoDunk was missing some teeth.

We called a Code Springer


Mama Wheaton said...

Was this guy a stud or rich or both? Do you think he is still with either one? That would make a Springer reunion show.

J Cosmo Newbery said...

(shakes head, says nothing...)

numberonesistah said...

trust me, this guy wasn't a stud, he was rather skinny and kinda grimy looking. but who knows, maybe he was super charming once you got to know him and could overlook the whole 'missing teeth' thing. (shrugs)