Sunday, February 1, 2009

Aww...little mousie...

We have mice. I really really wish the kind of mice that we had looked like this. This I could really handle, little mouse giggles and tiny white gloves hanging about.

Or at the very least, looked like this. This one could even bring some buddies along, you know, Mr. Flatscreen Monitor and the CPU gang.

But noooo, one of the ones that we've caught so far kinda looked like this. This one was found in the garage after feasting on some extra Ramen noodles that had been stored out there.

But another one looked more like this. Is this a rough looking mouse or what...I think there is some rat ancestry somewhere. I would have posted a picture of the one that was actually caught but he's somewhere deep in the trash and I drew the line at digging through the trash to be able to put his pic up on my blog! Aren't you glad I'm able to draw the line somewhere?! Me too. Oh..and that bad boy, caught IN THE HOUSE. He'd been trapped behind the refrigerator by my glorious cat so we crammed traps into all the exit spaces and finally got him.

Of course my daughter would have loved them...I think she actually named this hairless rat Thad. I called him Scrot. See why?

As for me, I'm really glad that I have the old fashioned mouse traps and Cupcake..who loves to leave little presents for us.


hermomsometimes said...

I'm glad you have a cat. They are the best mouse traps.

We get them here also. I put out decon and mouse traps. I just have to be careful with the poison. The dog is everywhere. At least he can't get behind some of the places I put the Decon.

Good luck with getting rid of the mice.

Oh, I like the look of your "new" blog.

brneyedgal967 said...

Ugh - mice, really? You're much nicer than me - I'd take a picture of a dead mouse in the trap and put it on my blog just for shock value. Your readers should consider themselves lucky you don't stoop to such low gimmicks.

numberonesistah said...

Actually I was going to, but then I realized it wasn't lying on top of the trash anymore and I didn't want to dig down through it. Next time...expect the shock. I'm keeping my camera next to me!

noble pig said...

Ugh, mice just freak me out and ruin the day...blah! I hear peppermint oil keeps them away?

ChiefChick said...

A mouse got in our old house - and I MOVED OUT (with Zach, who was a baby - went to my mom's) until Dane and Mark killed it. Next time I see you I will tell you that hilarious charlie-foxtrot of a story.
And I LOVE the new look of the blog!

Snooty Primadona said...

Yes, I understand. We didn't have a single mouse until the damn cat brought one in. However, she does play with them until they are dead, so I guess she can be called a mouser. The idiot! But, God Forbid we don't find it before it starts to smell. *sigh*