Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Making some changes

Ya know, there are times that we just have to do what we just have to do. I've decided to change up my job somewhat. I've been director of nursing for a small-town hospital for 2 years now and it's time for me to step away from that. I'll still be a nurse, don't get me wrong there. I l.o.v.e. being a nurse. I'm good at it. I'm actually quite good at being a DON also but I don't like being the person of last resort that has to work if no one else is able to. There is just a ton of little stresses that are ongoing and lots of fires to be put out at any one time. Part of me really liked that...I liked being the decision maker and 'the buck stops here' kinda person. The part of me that struggles with depression though, has a real hard time of it.

So..I've stepped down from that and will be working 2 night shifts a week (mainly Wed/Thurs.) and will have most weekends off and won't have to work extra if I'm not up to it. Da Man had the suggestion that since I'm a night owl anyway just to adjust my normal hours to sleep from 2am to noon, that way when I work nights I'm just staying up a little later and not really throwing off my rhythm quite so much. I think that is a damn good idea. Not to mention that it will really fit with my natural sleeping tendencies anyway.

I haven't told the kids yet, but honestly, it's going to be an improvement since now I can work 2 days and just be home the rest of the time without the guilt involved about not being at the hospital every day. I'll still have lots of ideas for improvement I'm sure, but now I can just run them past someone else and let them do the major work on it! Woohoo! Unless it is form building...I'm a master form builder! lol

Depression has been kinda kicking my azz here lately also and I'm hoping this will help. Time will tell.

I should ask the organized doodler to make a doodle of me kicking depression's azz for a change! ;)


Staci said...

You can never go wrong with fewer work hours and/or less stress while you're there, I believe. I'm happy for you!

hermomsometimes said...

Has Da Man tried regulating yourmedication? What millgram of Wellbutrin are you on?