Monday, February 23, 2009

Shawn needs.....

Mental P Mama put this meme on her blog that tells you to put your name followed by 'needs' in google and then list the first 10 things that come up. It's quite funny what happens. Here's mine:

1. Shawn needs to decide who she wants to spend her life with. Nope, already did that!

2. Shawn needs to thermodynamically crystallize. That's just what I was thinking!

3. Shawn needs to pee. Duh!

4. Shawn needs to communicate her wants. On a daily basis!

5. Shawn needs 5000 cakes!! Oh I really really need those?

6. Shawn needs to improve education. I'm trying already! Sheesh, I'm on the school board for Pete's sake.

7. Shawn needs ecological research. Yes I do! I'm going to be the one that figures out the ecological answers and all mankind will bow down before me! Muahahaha!

8. Shawn needs multi-angle remote sensing data. For that ecological research..

9. Shawn needs help in changing the batteries. Damn, that remote sensor is tricky!

10. Shawn needs to question why the City needs this service. What? The city doesn't think we need it?!

Hehehe, that was fun. Once I started commenting on them, I was surprised about how they seemed to relate. Thanks Mental P!


ChiefChick said...

Ok, yeah you knew when I read this I would have to do it. So far, I need - 1. To get braces. 2. To get a life. 3. To get a home (?!?) 4. A new concealer. 5. A bigger grin. 6. Help with my vertical blinds. This is crazy, funny stuff!

Mental P Mama said...

Don't mention it. Now get to work! It looks like Shawn needs to save the world;)

J Cosmo Newbery said...

No results found for "j cosmo needs".

I must be perfect!

GIS Services said...

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Rick said...

To your question on my blog... yes. The wife and I are alums as well. What years did you attend?

numberonesistah said...

hehe..I'll have to google multi-angle remote sensing data and see if my site comes up! Drop in anytime GIS Services! ;o)