Friday, April 10, 2009

A favorite joke of mine! Silly Saturday

I should start something called Silly Saturday and get that Mr. Linky thingamajig. Something to just make us all grin to start out our weekend the way it should be. Smiling and happy. Silly...nothing beats being silly.

So I think I'm gonna...who's with me?

So sit back, prop up your feet, grab your drink and let me tell ya a story.

This guy was walking along a country road when he happened to notice a pig with a wooden leg in a field.

He saw the farmer leaning up against the fence and walked over to ask him about that pig.

The farmer says, "Oh, that pig. That isn't any ordinary pig you see there. Last summer, my wife fell into the farm pond and that pig jumped in, grabbed my wife and pulled her out. Saved my wife's life."

The guy says, "Wow, that's great!"

The farmers says, "That's not all either. Just a few months ago the house caught on fire and that pig jumped onto the back porch and grabbed my baby girl and pulled her out. Saved my baby girl's life."

The guy says, "That. Is. Amazing! So what's the story about the wooden leg?"

The farmer says....(scroll down for it...)

The farmer says, "Well, you can't eat a pig like that all at once!"

Bwahahaha...just makes your hiney cringe doesn't it!

So should I add a Mr. Linky ...starting next Saturday? What do you guys think? Good idea or not? Perhaps a manic Monday instead? Should I shut up and go sit in my corner with my wine? ;o)


Hit 40 said...

I usually don't clink on a link if that is your question? Sometimes. But, not often. I like reading about everyone's day.

Mental P Mama said...


You ought to think about doing it on a weekday. Because once the weather gets better, it gets really quiet here on the weekends. That's my two tarnished cents. Now, I'm going to go make a BLT.

hermomsometimes said...

You could alway try for Wacky Wednesday. If weekends don't work for your bloggers.

Jen said...

That is funny. I like the silly Saturday thing.


hee-heelarious! & that photo...whahaha!!

kel said...

SOoooo funny! I am dying!!! I love Silly Saturday!

Amy said...

Have no earthly idea what a Mr. Linky is...sounds kinda kinky...but you can keep telling jokes like that...and I adored the cat photo...that was two belly laughs for the price of one...not bad...keep it up!!!

Jenners said...

That was pretty funny ... and I love the photo! Is that your cat?????

Snooty Primadona said...

Actually, it makes my ass twitch! LOL!

You do it and I'm in, girlfriend!

Where the hell is your wacky sister Tammy?

Kathy B! said...

How cute!

As for the Saturday idea... I don't usually blog on Saturday. It sounds cute, but I have a hard time even getting my act together 5x per week!