Sunday, March 1, 2009

I love that swept away feeling

that you get from reading a good book. I love just disappearing into the storyline and being part of the story. I love getting to know the characters and sometimes will feel quite sad when the story is over and I have to bid farewell to my friends.

I'm a fiction nut and primarily it's mysteries and thrillers. But one series I read really caught me up and there is a new one coming out soon! I can't wait! It's the 'Outlander' series by Diana Gabaldon. Have ya'll read them? I highly recommend them. I'm completely in love with a tall red-headed Scot named Jamie. Da Man would be on his own if Jamie was to show up and wanted to whisk me away! It gets pretty steamy in parts and is officially part of the 'historical romance' genre but lemme tell ya, it is an awesome series.

Of the classics, I'd have to say The Grapes of Wrath by Steinbeck is my favorite. Incredible story that one is.

One thing that I have always wished for my children is that they discover the joy of reading. I still remember the day that my daughter first became actually drawn into the book she was reading. It was Island of the Blue Dolphins and she cried when one of the main dolphins was killed in the story. She was in 3rd grade. Magnet was a little older, in 4th grade when he became lost in a story and it has yet to happen to Alien. He doesn't much like reading and only does it when he's forced to I'm afraid.

I could stay all day, no, an entire week curled up in a beautiful book-lined study.

So what are your favorite books?


ChiefChick said...

I love anything by Stephen King (his books tend to be l o n g and can take me away for an entire weekend). I also like Kathy Reichs (the "Bones" author. I am like you, it is wonderful to be pulled into the story and care about the characters.

Comedy Goddess said...

I just started The Wordy Shipmates by Sarah Vowel. She is so easy to read. Almost like a blog. The subject matter is very unusual and she makes it seem easy to understand. I may have to a post on it. Check it out. No pun intended.

noble pig said...

I don't read fiction but I do love autobiographies.

Anonymous said...

Hey Babe! Just wanted to say hi, this f.b. thing is getting out of control. Later Tater, big K

Mental P Mama said...

I am pretty much a non-fiction old fart. But I did enjoy the Twilight boondoggle.