Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Man's best friend!

I saw this doodle and another blog that mentioned that yesterday was Dr. Seuss's birthday and this just bubbled out. I'm weird. I know. Just accept it.

Man's Best Friend

Dogs, dogs, all fur and big paws
Hot breath, long tongues and even some claws

They jump and they bark and they wag their long tails
They run really fast or dawdle like snails

They eat almost everything, they like it, they do
If they run out of food, they’ll chew up your shoe!

A sniff and a wriggle and a lick shows their love
Even for your little sister when push comes to shove

Sometimes they are dirty and even have fleas
Scratch their backs and their bellies and even their knees

They’re loving and faithful and loyal to the end
And we have to admit, they ARE man’s best friend.

(Pooch supplied by Rick at Organized Doodles! thanks Rick!)


J Cosmo Newbery said...

I've never understood why a dog is man's best friend and diamonds are a girl's best friend. Possibly it's because I'm a man.

Rick said...

I'll take having one of my doodles associated with Dr. Seuss any day. Thanks for the link Sista! The doodle looks good here.

Staci said...

A good dog is WAY better than a diamond, IMO!!!

Queen-Size funny bone said...

I'd take my dogs over my husband any day.

Mental P Mama said...

I'll take a dog over just about anything!

ChiefChick said...

You know how I love my German Shepherds! I was just telling Zach this morning how lucky he is to have a four-legged alarm clock (that is until I left the room and Jake decided to jump up in the bed with Zach and put himself on "snooze")

noble pig said...

Love da' dog!

Keeper Of All Things said...

Sounds like a #1 childrens book.

numberonesistah said...

Ha! And I was just thinking I'd take that diamond any ole' day. No feeding, no watering, no 'eating of their own poop', no doggie bad breath...oh, could be another poem coming on!

hermomsometimes said...

That would make a cute children's book. You could even draw the pictures.