Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Random and Just plain weird.

I'm just rather scattered today (everyday) so I figured I'd share my erraticness, no erraticasy, no errati..weirdness with ya.

My cat loves going out into the garage but then scratches at the door to be let in and it always makes me think of that alien popping out of that guys chest in the first Alien movie. I still open the door but that is in my head. Does that mean I'm brave or stupid?

I wish I was June Cleaver-y. Then I realize I'm so far from June that I just say fuckit and turn on the TV and get a beer.

My youngest son informed me that girls have butts and sacks (with accompanying hands circling the chest motion)and boys have butts and sticks (with accompanying hand drawing a line in front of the pelvis motion). I could not keep a straight face.

I totally realized that I missed a school board meeting tonight about 2 hours AFTER I missed it.

I need a personal trainer, badly.

I'm still bummed that I didn't get picked to go to PW's ranch with Bakerella.

My husband had NO idea about the whole Jason/Melissa brouhaha. I had to update him. He thinks I'm crazy now.

I would really just like to find some sweet older lady that wants to adopt me and my family and would come in every day to clean and fix food for us all. Then I could pretend to be June Cleaver and be nice to my kids.

Denise Richards kinda sucked on Dancing with the Stars tonight and that made me feel a little better. I'm worried that I'm going to have to answer for that someday.

I had a dream that across the street from my house a man was making a nature preserve and everyday I'd walk across the street and look over his fence and see new animals. For days I'd watch giraffes arrive, then it would be a rhino but my favorite day was when 3 hippos arrived with little baby hippos behind them. I wonder what that means? I think it means I better get busier with my diet and exercise cause I'm going in the wrong direction.

My neighbor is inspiring. She's has terrible health problems lately involving surgery, near death ICU stays, a cancer diagnosis and various other ills yet she keeps smiling, keeps positive and is out walking on every nice day. I love her. She makes the best bread in the county also.

I wonder if the family dentist will take me on a vacation since I'm probably paying for a month long European family vacation for him with 2 kids in braces at the same time.

I'm hungry.


Rick said...

Yes, my doodles go well with random and weird days. Thanks for posting it here, Numberone! Have a blessed, random, and weird day.

Marido1125 said...

June must have snuck into our house. All fresh painted, cleaned up, dishes done, laundry done. WHAT THE F$#K!!!! I had to go outside and make sure I was at the right house.

brneyedgal967 said...

Okay... now this made me laugh out loud. It reminded me of the days of long ago... the days involving wacky tobacky and how we'd come up with the most random stuff that struck us silly and we'd laugh so hard we'd be crying. Then we'd start laughing even harder because we were crying and then we'd about wet our pants. Then we'd take deep breaths... repeat, "Okay.... ooookay now.... okay...." trying to get a hold of laughter until we could speak again.

Ahhhh... good times.

brneyedgal967 said...

Oh... so what's up? Are you hittin' the wacky tabacky again?

Queen-Size funny bone said...

I'm kind of a sac girl myself but they are usually lower and on the opposite sex. lol